OxyChem Liquidow™

LIQUIDOW™ Technical Grade Calcium Chloride Solution is a highly versatile liquid product used primarily in dust control and deicing.  Other applications include tire weighting, concrete accelerant, brine refrigeration and waste water treatment.  Hit the road with Liquidow™!


Cargil's Dust-Off© Magnesium Chloride

Dust-Off® dust suppressant has been used by miners, loggers, farmers, and municipalities for over 25 years to cost effectively control dust and maintain road surfaces.


DowFlake™ Xtra

DOWFLAKE™ Xtra 83-87% Calcium Chloride Flakes have 10% more calcium chloride than conventional flake calcium chloride products. They provide more pound-for-pound performance when used for snow and ice control, dust control, road construction and maintenance, concrete acceleration and tire weighting.


Peladow® Calcium Chloride Pellets

PELADOW™ Premier Snow & Ice Melter is the fastest-acting, most effective product available for melting snow on sidewalks, steps and drives, and preventing ice-related accidents.

Liquid Calcium Chloride Dispensing Systems

Public service entities and private snow removal contractors have found that using liquid calcium chloride can be a valuable tool in the battle to keep roadways and parking lots open and free of snow and ice.

Our remote controlled liquid dispending systems accurately deliver the correct amount of calcium chloride for pre-wetting situations and to prevent freezing of sand stockpiles.  Calcium chloride can also be applied directly on road salt to provide a very effective ice melting combination in extreme situations.

We can design, deliver and install a system tailored to meet your specific requirements.

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