Ice Control


Anti-icing is the process of applying a layer of OxyChem Liquidow™ calcium chloride on hard road surfaces before an ice or snow storm.  Applying Liquidow™ calcium chloride to the road before a storm helps prevent ice and snow from bonding 

  • Anti-icing is a proactive approach to fighting ice and snow and can typically be applied up to 24 hours before the start of inclement weather.
  • Anti-icing can also reduce or eliminate the need for applying granular material that may be required for improved traction.


Deicing or pre-wetting involves blending calcium chloride with with granular materials such as cinder chips, rock salt or sand.  Pre-wetting with calcium chloride reduces bounce and scatter of granular materials while improving traction in treated areas.

Quality • Quality • Quality

OxyChem Liquidow™ calcium chloride meets or exceeds ASTMD98 and AASHTO M144 standard specifications for calcium chloride purity.  Occidental Chemical Corporation, a subsidiary of Occidental Petroleum Corporation, is a leading producer of calcium chloride products nder the names of Liquidow™ calcium chloride, DowFlake™ Xtra, and Peladow© calcium chloride pellets.

Did you know that we also sell liquid calcium chloride dispensing systems?  

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