Dust Suppression


If you have a home or business near a construction site or gravel road, you know the frustrations and dangers of fugitive dust.  The dust can reduce driving visibility, cause respiratory problems, and affect the cleanliness of your home, your yard and your vehicles.

OxyChem’s  Liquidow™ Calcium Chloride and Cargill's Dust-Off© Magnesium Chloride are environmentally safe, cost effective, and extremely reliable products in controlling fugitive dust that is generated by vehicle traffic on crushed rock roads.



How does it work?

Both Calcium Chloride and Magnesium Chloride are hygroscopic by nature. This means they have the capability to attract moisture from the environment.  This unique quality keeps treated areas damp acting as a “magnetic trap” to keep dust particles in the road and not in the air. In addition to controlling dust, calcium and magnesium chloride stabilize the road bed creating a smooth riding surface that is less expensive to maintain.


County Programs

  • We work with counties throughout Iowa to provide dust suppression for those living on or near gravel roads.  
  • Registration begins in the Spring. 
  • We coordinate application with your County Engineer's office.
  • Be sure to sign up every spring!  

Commercial Uses

Improve safety, protect equipment and reduce maintenance costs.


  • Athletic fields
  • Base stabilization
  • Bike paths
  • Campgrounds
  • Construction job sites
  • County fair grounds
  • Edge rut control
  • Full depth reclamation
  • Housing developments
  • Mining and quarry roads
  • Parking lots surrounding schools
  • Recreation areas
  • Roads and alleys around animal confinements


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